Ann Arbor Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Jeffrey L. Ash has been helping patients save their natural teeth for over 30 years.  He specializes in performing endodontic treatments, such as root canals, on decaying or infected teeth that would otherwise likely be extracted.  If you are suffering from tooth pain and you think that having a root canal could alleviate your tooth pain, there is no one better to see than Dr. Ash.  When you select Dr. Jeffrey L. Ash as your endodontist, you can rest assured you will be in good hands; many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised to leave our office having had a pain-free (or minimally painful) root canal treatment.

If you are considering having root canal or other endodontic treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact the office of Dr. Jeffrey L. Ash today at 734-971-0800.